Production of Sinoma Liyang in July 2022

Plate feeder

Plate feeders are widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy, coal, chemical and other industries. The series of products designed and produced by our company have complete specifications and can meet different customer needs. The equipment has won the honor of the recommended product designated by the China National Building Materials Bureau Cement Association.

Stacker and reclaimer

This series of products are widely used in the stockyards of iron and steel, chemical, cement, mining, coal and other industries.

Wave Roll Feeder

Vertical Roller Mill

This product is a composite equipment with feeding function and screening function. It is specially designed for continuous feeding of heavy crushers. It does not take up much space and does not increase the cost of equipment purchase. It is suitable for ore crushers. It can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and prolong the life of wearing parts.

Large double-rotor hammer crusher

It is used to crush medium-hard and brittle materials such as limestone, gypsum, coal, marl, sand shale, etc. whose compressive strength is less than 200MPa. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, simple process layout and structure, high output (up to 3000t/h), uniform product particle size, reliable work, convenient maintenance, and economical operating costs.

Toothed Roll Crusher

This product is suitable for crushing sticky materials. It has the characteristics of simple process flow, convenient maintenance, superior technical performance, safe and reliable production, etc. It can effectively solve the problems of material adhesion and blockage. Our company can design and manufacture toothed roller crushers of various specifications, with an output of 1,500t/h.

Impact Crusher

Ball Mill

This product has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high utilization rate of wearing parts, long service life, simplified production system, high output, saving construction investment and so on. The product designed and manufactured by our company can reach 3000t/h.

Gear Crusher

This product uses the principle of squeezing and grinding to crush materials. It is suitable for soft materials and soft and hard mixed materials, such as clay, shale, frozen soil, chalk, gypsum, coal, soft limestone and so on. The feature of this product is the low speed of rotation. It is suitable for materials with high SiO2 content and high abrasiveness, and the wearing parts have long life. Accommodates any humidity. Simple and compact structure, light weight, low noise, little dust and high output. Our company can design and manufacture various specifications of tooth crushers. Output up to 3000t/h.

Clinker Roller Crusher

Vertical Roller Mill

Ball Mill

The ball mill produced by our company is designed to take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of the open-flow grinding system and avoid disadvantages. This series has the advantages of high output and low energy consumption.

Rotary Kilns

Secondary combustion chamber

Vertical Roller Mill

Cooling cylinder

Crusher rotor

Vertical Roller Mill

Roller press roller

Stacker and reclaimer

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