Production of Sinoma Liyang in September 2022


Autumn in October, osmanthus fragrance. Autumn is the harvest season. Since 2022, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rising costs, the company has faced unprecedented challenges for survival and development. Liyang Sinoma closely focuses on the theme of "high-quality development", and the company has launched a comprehensive battle of "fighting high temperature, changing ideas, taking responsibility and stepping up the ladder" to improve quality and efficiency. On the one hand, the company actively promotes the "cost reduction and efficiency" measures; On the other hand, the company has steadily and effectively promoted the work of "improving quality" and continuously improved various management levels, so that the completion of production and operation tasks is better than expected, and won the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and production and operation reform and development. In the last three months of 2022, the company further refined and decomposed the target, implemented various measures, continued to follow up the completion of the target of improving quality and efficiency, excavated the space of efficiency, sprinted forward this year's production and operation target, and comprehensively fought the decisive battle.

1.Plate Feeder

Stacker and reclaimer

2.Large Double Rotor Hammer Crusher

3.Impact Crusher

Ball Mill

4.Toothed Roll Crusher

Shear crusher

5.Vertical mill

6.Rod Mill

7.Grate cooler

Stacker and reclaimer

8.Rotary Kilns

Ball Mill

9.Crusher rotor

Shear crusher

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