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In order to further improve the management mechanism of street emergency rescue, effectively test the rapid response ability, emergency handling ability and coordinated combat ability of the emergency rescue team to deal with various emergencies, and effectively improve the street emergency rescue and disposal ability. , compressing and consolidating the responsibility of the main body of safety, with the theme of "complying with the production safety law and being the first responsible person". The 2022 Guxian Street Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Drill, hosted by Liyang Tianmu Lake Life Kangyuan Construction Headquarters and Guxian Street, was held on the morning of June 23 at the Sinoma Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Square.

The main participants in this comprehensive emergency drill are from Guxian Street Emergency Management and Ecological Environmental Protection Office, Liyang City Fire Brigade Tianmu Lake Government Full-time Fire Brigade, Liyang City 120 Emergency Ambulance, Liyang Sinoma Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Liyang Shengtai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., the main observers are Huang Xiaojun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tianmu Lake Life Kangyuan, Deputy Commander of the Construction Headquarters, Director of Guxian Sub-district Office, Liu Yongshan, Deputy Commander of Tianmu Lake Life Kangyuan, and Tianmu Lake Life Kangyuan Hu Yeping, member of the Party Working Committee, Ge Fumei, general manager of Liyang Sinoma Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.; all party and government leaders of Guxian Street, heads of all member units of Guxian Street Safety Committee, heads of villages (communities), and above the size of Guxian Street More than 100 people, including heads of industrial enterprises and safety management personnel, participated in the drill.

Hu Yeping, the deputy commander of the exercise, first mobilized for the exercise. He pointed out that June 2022 is the 21st "Safety Production Month" in the country. This year's theme is "Abide by the Safety Production Law and be the first responsible person". We must further strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, comprehensively improve the ability of scientific rescue and emergency response to accidents in the streets, strive to create a good safety production environment, and promote the continuous and stable improvement of the safety production situation in the streets. All departments and units must take an active role, take the initiative to perform their duties, and earnestly shoulder the political responsibility of "promoting the development of one side and ensuring the safety of the other side", and implement the people-centered development idea into all decision-making, deployment and practical work of safety production. Among them, resolutely guard the red line of safety and guard the lifeline of the people. The purpose of today's drill is to improve emergency response level, exercise command ability, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and actively respond to disposal through drills, so as to ensure the safe development of the streets. The end of the mobilization announced the official start of the exercise.

There are 2 subjects in today's drill, which are:

1. Emergency rescue drill for limited space accident

2. Personnel evacuation and fire emergency rescue drills

Emergency rescue drill for limited space accident

In recent years, there have been frequent accidents in limited space operations in various places. In the rescue and disposal, there are widespread casualties due to blind rescue and improper measures, resulting in heavy casualties. The lessons are extremely profound and painful. By carrying out emergency rescue drills, the emergency rescue capabilities of the trainees in limited space operations will be further improved to ensure rapid response, scientific decision-making, well-organized and effective rescue in the event of an accident.

Personnel evacuation and fire emergency rescue drills

After the "fire" broke out, the staff immediately started the fire emergency response plan, and the emergency rescue team, logistics support team and other drillers performed their respective duties, and conducted drills for organizing the evacuation of personnel, transferring important items, and fighting the initial fire. The division of labor is clear and orderly throughout the exercise process. With the joint efforts of all emergency teams and firefighters, the fire was extinguished, all personnel were evacuated safely, and the drill ended successfully.

Concluding speech

Huang Xiaojun, the commander-in-chief of the exercise, fully affirmed the comprehensive emergency exercise, and summed up the following three points:

First, attach great importance to the organization and command in place.

Second, Meticulous planning and scientific drills.

Third, cooperate with tacit understanding to achieve the expected effect.

The purpose of the drill is to put safety and life first, so as to prevent problems before they happen. Strengthen safety production training and standardize operating procedures. Effectively prevent and deal with the occurrence of various emergencies. And further enhance the bottom line thinking and risk awareness of the company's employees.

The emergency plan drill jointly conducted by Sinoma Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. emphasizes that safety production must be placed at the top of the work at any time, and become the top priority of the work. The presence of the leaders for inspection is a high priority for our company's safety production, and also a supervision of our safety production work. Liyang Sinoma will take the opportunity of the "Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Drill" activity to actively carry out various safety activities and publicize the awareness of safe production. All departments must strictly implement their safety production responsibilities, and strengthen their overall awareness and sense of responsibility. Abandon the mentality of fluke and face problems with a "zero tolerance" attitude. Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai, and safety production has no end. We must further strengthen our confidence, pay close attention to safety, take multiple measures, and use stricter requirements, a more pragmatic style, and tougher measures to do a good job in various safety production work and strictly prevent the occurrence of all kinds of major accidents.

In this hot summer, all the participants overcame the high temperature and rehearsed hard, cooperated sincerely, worked together, and successfully completed the drill task. The emergency drill team is here to express my heartfelt thanks to all the registered personnel and the participants and supporters of this event, thank you all of hard work!

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