• Chain grate machine

    Chain grate machine

    1. With the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, the continuous increase in the supply of finely ground iron concentrates and the superior metallurgical performance of the pellets have made the proportion of pellets in the ironmaking production with blast furnaces continue to increase, therefore, the traveling grate – rotary kiln system for producing the pellets has been widely used.
    2. As a large-scale non-standard thermal mechanical equipment, the traveling grate involves many fields such as thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, and materials science.
    3. The working temperature of the traveling grate machine can reach above 1100℃, so the machine is equipped with a large proportion of heat-resistant parts which take an extremely important position in the whole equipment.

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  • Drum Mixer

    Drum Mixer

    1. The drum mixer is one of the important equipment in the sintering process system. Drum mixers, the crucial equipment used in sintering and pelletizing systems, have abroad applications in raw material blending, mixing, granulating and coal blending mixing operations, and can meet the requirements of the sintering machines for the material.
    2. It is mainly used for damping and blending the sintered materials to make the moisture, the ingredients of materials are uniformly mixed and the particulate materials in the sintered materials are combined into suitable pellets.
    3. Spiral-shaped lifting plate enhances the guiding effect and improves the efficiency of material mixing operation.

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  • Annular Cooler

    Annular Cooler

    1. Annular cooler as the main equipment of metallurgical pellet production process, is a very common use of cooling equipment, widely used in the cooling of pellets.
    2. Diversified sealing forms include water sealing, sand sealing, heat-resistant rubber and labyrinth sealing, it provides reliable effect, more conducive to energy saving, emission reduction and waste heat recovery and utilization.
    3. Equipped with leveling device, leveling materials, promoting distributing material evenly, ensuring that the air blowing without short circuit, improving cooling efficiency.

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  • Grate Cooler

    Grate Cooler

    1. Cone crusher production of sheet material is better than jaw crusher.
    2. The cone crusher works smoothly, the vibration is light, and the base of the equipment is relatively small.
    3. Cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing depth, continuous working, large production capacity and low power consumption per unit product. Compared with the jaw crusher with the same width of the receiving mouth, the production capacity is more than 1 times higher, and the power consumption per ton of ore is reduced by more than 50%.

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  • Rotary Kiln

    Rotary Kiln

    1. Rotary kiln is mainly used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical and environmental protection industries.
    2. According to different materials handled, rotary kilns can be divided into cement kilns, metallurgical & chemical kilns and limestone kilns.
    3. Our company has long-term experience in rotary kiln design and manufacturing, and has the ability to independently develop various specifications of rotary kiln.

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