• Toothed Roll Crusher

    Toothed Roll Crusher

    1. The tooth roller crusher has become the preferred equipment of the thermal power plant with the advantages of efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection. Suitable for crispy materials below 40MPa, such as cobaco, anthracite, brown coal and coal gangue, can also be used in sintering, coke, slag, shale and limestone. 2. the series crusher has a broken ratio compared to other types of crushers, there is no requirement for crushing material water, and does not stick to it, the amount of pulverization is small, the noise is small, the vibration is small, the dust is small, the energy is low The advantages of small coverage, simple and convenient maintenance. 3. using multiple protective devices and chain devices such as mechanical, electric appliances, hydraulic pressure, effectively protect the motor, crusher and the entire system. 4. with screening and crushing double function.

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