• Grate Cooler Manufacturers, Grate Cooler Factory, Supply Grate Cooler
  • Grate Cooler Manufacturers, Grate Cooler Factory, Supply Grate Cooler
  • Grate Cooler Manufacturers, Grate Cooler Factory, Supply Grate Cooler

Grate Cooler

Brand Sinoma-Liyang

Product origin Liyang, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time 7 months

Supply capacity 10-800tph

1. Cone crusher production of sheet material is better than jaw crusher.
2. The cone crusher works smoothly, the vibration is light, and the base of the equipment is relatively small.
3. Cone crusher has the advantages of large crushing depth, continuous working, large production capacity and low power consumption per unit product. Compared with the jaw crusher with the same width of the receiving mouth, the production capacity is more than 1 times higher, and the power consumption per ton of ore is reduced by more than 50%.

Grate Cooler

Grate cooler profile:

Grate cooler is a kind of quench cooler, referred to as grate cooler. It is an important host equipment in clinker combustion system of cement plant. Its main function is to cool and transport cement clinker. At the same time, it provides hot air for rotary kiln, calciner and so on. It is the main equipment for heat recovery of firing system. The traditional grate coolers can be categorized by three types: rotary, vibration and push. However, because the former two types have been eliminated, push type grate coolers have become the main cement clinker coolers. The grate bed is the main part of the cooler, and the driving grate plate is composed of the fixed grate plate and the movable grate plate which are arranged row by row.

The grate cooler mainly consists of cooling chamber, transportation system, grate plate, cooling system, clinker crusher and other components.

Working Principle of Grate Cooler:

After the clinker enters the grate cooler from the rotary kiln, a material layer of a certain thickness is laid on the grate plate. The cold air blew in passes through the moving material layer on the grate bed in a mutually vertical direction to cool the clinker, cooling the clinker from 1300-1400℃ to below 100℃.

The fourth-generation steady flow in-line leakless type grate cooler for clinker transportation adopts the principle of grate bed moving longitudinally to transport materials. The grate bed is composed of several parallel clinker conveying units in rows, which are arranged in parallel and driven by the hydraulic system. Each row of unit moves according to the movement requirements, and the moving speed and stroke of each unit can be adjusted according to the process requirements. The grate bed movement of the grate cooler is divided into four steps: in the first step, the hydraulic cylinders in each row push the grate bed forward at the same time; in the second step, the grate bed in the first and third rows moves back; in the third step, the grate bed in the second and fifth row moves back; in the last row, the grate bed in the third and sixth rows moves back, and then enters the next material pushing cycle.

In order to make the grate plate blowing more even, an automatic adjusting air valve flange is installed below each fixed grate plate, and an air valve is installed at the really needed position to reduce the blowing short circuit caused by too low local air resistance.

A fixed spray grate bed is installed at the hot end of the grate cooler, that is, at the discharge of the kiln. The high temperature clinker falling on the upper part moves forward continuously by natural accumulation and the impact kinetic energy of the material. At the same time, 2 ~ 3 fans are arranged below the grate bed to provide high pressure airflow to the fixed box. The airflow can be blown upward and horizontally to the material through the grate plate, so that the material can be fully heat-exchanged and quenched, which can improve the overall cooling effect, the clinker activity and increase the kiln temperature.

 grate cooling machine

Grate Cooler Specification List:


Effective area






Leak-free and hydraulic transmission































Our Grate Cooler Features:

(1) Modular design, according to the requirement can be conveniently to form different sizes of cooling machine, manufacturing cycle is short, easy installation and maintenance.

(2) Row grate bed is adopted, and each grate plate can be adjusted independently, which has good adaptability for clinker distribution.

(3) Automatic flow control valve, more specific partition air supply, to prevent cooling air short circuit, to ensure a stable air distribution.

(4) The standard grate plate is covered by static clinker layer to protect it from high temperature and wear, and the grate plate no longer needs to be replaced regularly.

(5) Thanks to special type of grate-plate resulting in leak-free and non-contact seal can ensure no leakage and save the ash hopper and conveying system.

(6) The movable grate bed is completely horizontal, coupled with no ash hopper, so that the height of the cooler is greatly reduced, and the civil construction investment can be greatly saved.

(7) The special sealing structure between each grate plate makes it easy to adjust, assemble and disassemble seals, without emptied the material layer on the grate plate, and easy to maintain.

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. As an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of production facilities, equipment and service solutions to the cement, mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, environmental protection, power plant and steel plant industries, we have never stopped improving productivity, driving down costs and reducing the environmental impact of operations.

Covering an area of 530mu, the Company is equipped with 80 medium and large equipment with an annual manufacturing capacity of 69,300 tons of products (totally in weight).

The Company is integrated with the study of basic theory, development & design of equipment, manufacturing of mechanical & electrical equipment, technical consultant services, and supply of spare parts.

With the CE certificate, Sinoma-Liyang has her products exported to many countries including the USA, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria and Vietnam, etc., and positive feedback has been received from the customers.

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