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Bridge Type Scraper Reclaimer

Brand Sinoma-Liyang

Product origin Liyang, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time 6-7 months

Supply capacity 200 sets / year

1. Bridge scraper reclaimer can be used in different fields.
2. Cement, coal, steel, port, electric power, water conservancy and other industries are widely used.
3. Bridge scraper reclaimer, continuous operation, large production capacity, good mixing effect, low power consumption per unit product.

Bridge Type Scraper Reclaimer

Brief introduction of bridge scraper reclaimer:

This kind of reclaimer is mostly used for limestone, raw coal, ore and other bulk materials. The unmanned operation of the whole machine and the integration of machine, electricity and hydraulic system are realized. It has the characteristics of good homogenization effect, large stock yard reserves, small floor area and high degree of automation. It is the most advanced large-scale mixing process equipment in China at present. Its technical characteristics and automation level are first-class in China.

Working principle of bridge scraper reclaimer:

The reclaiming process of the bridge scraper reclaimer starts from the end face of the pile in the center of the yard. The material rakes on both sides of the reclaimer move back and forth along the bridge of the reclaimer, and the material rakes on the whole reclaiming surface fall to the bottom of the pile through the upper rake teeth. With the circular movement of the scraper system along the direction of the bridge, the material falling to the bottom of the pile evenly enters the continuous running scraper, and is taken away by the scraper and unloaded onto the belt conveyor. Driven by the walking drive system, the reclaimer runs along the track to the other end of the pile to complete the whole mixing and reclaiming process. By adopting continuous herringbone stacking and full cross-section reclaiming, the stacking layers of the equipment can reach more than 220, and the homogenization coefficient is greater than 7. The raw materials with different physical and chemical properties can be homogenized to improve the physical and chemical properties, and the composition fluctuation is small, so as to simplify the production process and operation of users, improve the technical and economic indicators, and obtain the best economic benefits

Parameter table of equipment selection:

Equipment Type

Rail span

Material type





Material moisture

Stacking capacity


Reclaiming capacity

Detail type

scraper Reclaimer


limestone, coal





Luffing type/inclined 

type/horizontal type

Features of bridge scraper reclaimer:            

(1) The reclaimer is equipped with a thick and strong bridge to ensure the strength of the bridge and increase the transportation distance of materials;            

(2) The bulk material handling equipment is equipped with a variety of control methods to ensure flexible handling of bulk materials in different situations;            

(3) Through simple installation and simple training process, a single employee can easily operate the equipment;           

(4) Can adapt to the requirements of different yards, customized products for customers.            

(5SinomaLY has steel pretreatment production line, which can improve the corrosion resistance of structural parts and ensure the quality of all finished products. The use of large milling machine improves the machining accuracy of large parts. In the factory, the structure is assembled as a whole and the drive system is debugged.            

(6SinomaLY uses high-performance new materials, such as wear-resistant materials and composites, to improve the durability of bulk material handling equipment.           

(7)Soft start and frequency conversion control are adopted to reduce the damage of reclaimer caused by serious impact. Protective measures are set on the equipment, which can be adjusted or stopped automatically in case of abnormal conditions.


Control mode of bridge scraper reclaimer:            

The reclaimer is equipped with three operation modes: automatic control, manual control and machine side (maintenance) control. The three operation modes are interlocked, that is, one of the operation modes is selected, and the other two operation modes are invalid.  

1. Manual control

The operator controls the corresponding buttons on the operation panel in the control room of the machine for manual reclaiming. When the working condition switch is placed in the manual control position on the machine, the automatic and machine side (maintenance) working conditions can not be cut in. The manual control on the machine can start and stop the walking end beam, scraper conveying system and material harrow system separately. The interlocking between the systems is lost, but the protection of each system still works.

2. Automatic control

The reclaiming operation under the automatic control mode can be implemented by the central control room and the on-board control room. When the central control room is required to control the reclaimer automatically, the operator only needs to press the automatic operation button on the console, and then press the start button, all the electrical equipment on the reclaimer will start according to the predetermined procedure, and the whole machine will be put into normal automatic operation. On the console of the central control room, the reclaimer system can be started or stopped by pressing the button.  

3. Machine side (maintenance) operation

The local control is suitable for local action during installation, overhaul and maintenance, which depends on the operation button set beside the machine. In this control mode, the drive mechanism of the reclaimer can only be started or stopped independently after the interlock is released. When the working condition switch is placed at the machine side (maintenance) position, the automatic working condition and on-board manual working condition cannot be cut in. The on-board manual working condition also has the function of on-board manual working condition. However, the operation button is only installed in the position conducive to maintenance operation. Walking operation button is not installed under machine side condition.

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. As an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of production facilities, equipment and service solutions to the cement, mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, environmental protection, power plant and steel plant industries, we have never stopped improving productivity, driving down costs and reducing the environmental impact of operations.

Covering an area of 530mu, the Company is equipped with 80 medium and large equipment with an annual manufacturing capacity of 69,300 tons of products (totally in weight).

The Company is integrated with the study of basic theory, development & design of equipment, manufacturing of mechanical & electrical equipment, technical consultant services, and supply of spare parts.

With the CE certificate, Sinoma-Liyang has her products exported to many countries including the USA, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria and Vietnam, etc., and positive feedback has been received from the customers.

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