• Toothed Roll Crusher Manufacturers, Toothed Roll Crusher Factory, Supply Toothed Roll Crusher
  • Toothed Roll Crusher Manufacturers, Toothed Roll Crusher Factory, Supply Toothed Roll Crusher
  • Toothed Roll Crusher Manufacturers, Toothed Roll Crusher Factory, Supply Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher

Brand Sinoma-Liyang

Product origin Liyang, Jiangsu, China

Delivery time 7 months

Supply capacity 10-800tph

1. The tooth roller crusher has become the preferred equipment of the thermal power plant with the advantages of efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection. Suitable for crispy materials below 40MPa, such as cobaco, anthracite, brown coal and coal gangue, can also be used in sintering, coke, slag, shale and limestone.
2. the series crusher has a broken ratio compared to other types of crushers, there is no requirement for crushing material water, and does not stick to it, the amount of pulverization is small, the noise is small, the vibration is small, the dust is small, the energy is low The advantages of small coverage, simple and convenient maintenance.
3. using multiple protective devices and chain devices such as mechanical, electric appliances, hydraulic pressure, effectively protect the motor, crusher and the entire system.
4. with screening and crushing double function.

Toothed Roll Crusher

Tooth roller crusher profile:

The tooth roller crusher is one of the current high-efficient crushing equipment in the current mine industry. It is large, and the motor and the reducer are coupled with a limited torque type hydraulic coupling, preventive power overload, sensor overload protection, and safe and reliable. Roll spacing hydraulic adjustment, lubrication of the tooth roller bearing. Tooth-shaped optimization design, pulling force selection, high efficiency and low consumption, uniform granulation. The tooth roller crusher has a small size, breaking ratio (5-8), low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, high productivity, uniform material grain size, low pulveration rate, convenient maintenance, overload protection, overload protection Safety and reliability.

Tooth Roller crusher working principle:

The tooth roller crusher is mainly composed of a major component such as an active atrial roll, a passive tooth roller, a casing, a seat, a broken tooth roller, a gas-liquid buffer and a motor. The main, the secondary drive gearbox and the upper and lower crushers are formed to form an integral gear transmission after the interior housing coupling. The motor is large, the small pulley and the triangular belt drive the active shaft of the main transfer box, and the connection of the large pulley and the active shaft is provided with an overload safety pin device to ensure the role of the motor when overload. You can also choose the energy-saving toothed roller crusher. Currently, the toothed crusher is divided into three series of single teeth, double-toothed crusher and tetrahedral roller crusher. Taking a double-toothed roll crusher as an example, it is a main working mechanism by two cylindrical rollers. When working, the motor passes through the triangular belt and a pair of long gears, the same rotational motion of the crushing roller, due to the friction between the material and the stick, the physical volume of the body above the roller into the crush cavity formed by the two rollers. It is crushed inside. The principle of the tooth roller crusher is extruded in the middle of the two rollers, thereby achieving the effect of pulverizing and grinding.

double toothed roll crusher

Tooth Roller crusher main data:

Toothed roller crusher

Tooth Roller crusher application:

teethed roll crusher

Tooth roller crusher features:

(1) The tooth roller crusher is relative to the spatial sieve of the rotating, which is less than the material of the toothed gap, which is larger than the gap material is broken. It has double-effects of crushing, sieving, and completes the crushing screening. Simplify the system, save investment.

(2) Compliance with the particle size requirements automatic fall, the material particle size ensures uniform. Do not stick, not blocked, no requirement for water. Due to the use of differential rotation, the teeth between the tooth rolls are differential motion, which has mutual scraping effect; since the line speed is higher, the moisture of the material is not required at any time, no requirements Affect the crushing effect and crushing efficiency.

(3) When the tooth roller crusher enters the non-magnetic object and the bulk flexible object (rubber wood), the tooth roller is subjected to impact load and produce great horizontal power. At this time, the ram can be quickly returned, so that the opening Ultra-hard objects and flexible objects quickly returned to the original position to ensure safe operation of equipment.

(4) The Flexible Resin Curtain Prevents Viscous Material with Water Content from Sticking To The Inner Surface of The Crushing Chamber.

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Sinoma-Liyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. As an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of production facilities, equipment and service solutions to the cement, mining, metallurgical, chemical, coal, environmental protection, power plant and steel plant industries, we have never stopped improving productivity, driving down costs and reducing the environmental impact of operations.

Covering an area of 530mu, the Company is equipped with 80 medium and large equipment with an annual manufacturing capacity of 69,300 tons of products (totally in weight).

The Company is integrated with the study of basic theory, development & design of equipment, manufacturing of mechanical & electrical equipment, technical consultant services, and supply of spare parts.

With the CE certificate, Sinoma-Liyang has her products exported to many countries including the USA, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Pakistan, Nigeria and Vietnam, etc., and positive feedback has been received from the customers.

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